Summer Global Internships

Our CIEE Study Abroad Summer Global Internship programs combine a full-time internship with an integrated academic seminar to provide professional exploration and specific skills development. You’ll learn to contextualize real world experience while learning about local business culture, intercultural communication, professional development, and linkages between local and global industry trends.

Semester Global Internships

Like our Summer Global Internship program, our CIEE Study Abroad Global Semester Internship programs are built around an eight-week, full-time internship and integrated academic seminar. You can take additional coursework over a six-week block before your internship. Optional courses in business and culture or intercultural communication are also offered alongside your internship. Earn up to a possible 15 semester credits on this 14-week program.

Study Abroad Programs with Part-time Internships

CIEE offers internships across its Study Abroad portfolio. Enroll in a traditional study abroad program and undertake a part-time internship in over 20 locations around the world. Programs range from Architecture and Design in Barcelona to Communications, New Media, and Journalism in Prague. Internships are available in a wide diversity of industries and academic programs.

AIC Customized Internships for Universities

AIC customized internship programs are built in partnership with academic institutions around the world. Our full suite of internship programs and services — from internship placement to on-the-ground student support — allow our partners to offer their students high-impact, academic internship programs in over ten cities around the world. Students who are interested in AIC programs should apply directly through a partner university.

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